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On an Organic Saber-Toothed Tiger

There is a prevailing view in many quarters that man has wrecked the world. He has invented terrible things that cause cancer and pollute the environment and taint our food. There is, for example, the whole “organic” movement that seeks to separate us from the tainted environment. Natural things, we are told, are better.

Well, man dealt with many natural things in the past –– like the Saber-Toothed Tiger. Man had to deal with pox and filth and unbelievable poverty. The average life expectancy was somewhere around 30 before mankind developed some science and started fiddling with nature.

Today, the poorest people in America probably live better than the wealthiest did in the medieval times; we are inventing magical devices every month that would simply stun Galileo or Isaac Newton or our own Benjamin Franklin. The average life expectancy is around 73 and, I can’t remember when I was last attacked by a Saber-Toothed Tiger.

Man has done some stupid, thoughtless and dangerous things.

But, think about it: we must also be doing something right.

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2011
By: csh
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