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Some Hell. Some Hand Basket!

If you think young people today are going to hell in a hand basket (as every generation does), get thee to a college campus. I spent the week of April 23rd mingling, lecturing, talking and debating with college students and I’m here to tell you they are one great group of kids.

Specifically, I was at De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, about 45 minutes out of Indianapolis. This is an old school. I saw one plaque dedicated by the class of 1900 and that was the 63rd class to graduate. It is not large, about 2400 students I believe. It is a liberal arts school with a twice-weekly newspaper and a 24 hour radio station – both totally student run.

The students claim special qualities for the school and the faculty special talents for their students. Most schools do that, we know, though I must admit that when you put together how bright the students are with how active they are, it is impressive. The school is “awesome” as they would say.

But the point I want to make is broader than that. I haven’t run across a college student in years that wasn’t impressive. Their music isn’t ours. Their slang isn’t ours. Their facility with electronic gadgets is way above ours. So might be their potential. For good sense and commitment that will keep this country alive and working well into the future, they are a generation we can relax about. If we hand them anything worth saving, they’ll make it better.

The next time you hear someone bashing the young people of our nation, you might ask them to look around and see how well they think we’ve done. My bet is that those coming up won’t do worse and the odds are they might just do a lot better.

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2011
By: csh
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