Colling Swift & Hynes (CSH) offers a comprehensive, integrated government relations, strategic planning and issue advocacy portfolio. Our service package comprises several elements so our clients can position themselves for successful growth.

    Our firm focuses on environment and energy policy in the recycling industry as well as communications policy for broadcasters and newspapers.

Strategic Planning

Our firm approaches each client individually, designing a strategy that fits the client’s unique profile, whether it is building or expanding a Washington presence, being a leader in the public policy process, or managing a challenging relationship.

Working with you, we will help analyze legislative or regulatory proposals that may impact your business objectives. Not only does this early warning system help recognize and deflect potential threats, it allows you to make use of strategic opportunities in advance to benefit your bottom line. We will help you assess the political parameters of your options for addressing policy developments and help you set an informed, strategic course of action.

Message Development

Once we have narrowed the scope of your key issues, we begin to establish your profile with key Congressional committees, the Executive branch, leadership and staff in targeted areas. We build a team of “champions” in Washington: Members who understand your issues and can support your goals in legislative committees, on the House and Senate floor, and within the current Administration. We are successful because we create solutions to public policy problems that match our clients’ short and long term business objectives. We discern what is likely to happen tomorrow and work today to manage those events to our client’s advantage.

Coalition Management

Our firm utilizes many different tools and resources to effectively manage your coalition. Our intimate knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes allows all members of the firm to work collaboratively on your behalf. We are able to provide a full range of services such as providing logistical support and materials for coalition meetings, public relations and media activities, and grassroots campaigns.


The professionals at Colling Swift & Hynes meet and exceed all federal and state requirements for ethical standards and reporting under the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA). To help preserve and advance public trust and confidence in our democratic institutions and the public policy advocacy process, professional lobbyists have a moral obligation to act in the highest ethical manner. We are committed to following the stringent code of ethics established by the American League of Lobbyists (ALL). Members of CSH regularly participate in ethics training courses to ensure we remain current with the latest requirements.

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